Environmental Choices

At Buckeye, we are very proud of our Clean Marine 5 Anchor Green Leaf eco rating, the highest level of environmental achievement in the industry.  We encourage you to take the necessary steps to ensuring that our waters remain clean and safe for future generations.  That's why we stock the following environmentally friendly products.


All-Off is a blue cleaner that is biodegradable and efficient in cleaning fiberglass, diesel and exhaust stains, vinyl, inflatable boats, degreasing the bilge, spider dirt and black streaks, leaf stains and tree sap, and glue from shrink wrap tape, to mention just a few.

Au Naturelle

Personal hygiene is a concern for people who stay on their boats over night, but using harsh soaps and shampoos is detrimental to our waters.  We carry Au Naturelle personal soaps that are made with the environment in mind.  They include shampoo, conditioner, face & body bar, and liquid soap.

Sea Land

Sea Land products are also manufactured to do less harm to the environment.  We carry Sea Land Rapid Dissolving Toilet Tissue, made to break up quickly, and Holding Tank Deordorant & Cleaner, formaldehyde free and environmentally friendly.

Bilge Booms

Bilge Booms are fabulous products.  They prevent oil from leaking and are a good idea to use as a precautionary measure.