Lifejackets & PFDs

Buckeye is committed to offering you a one stop shop for all of your boating needs.  Make sure you're safe this summer and check out our variety of in-stock life jackets and PFDs.  Among our collection are these featured items:

Mustang Auto-Inflatable Life Vest - These vests can self-right a face down person in seconds and are complete with a safety whistle and SOLAS reflective tape. 

2-Belt Ladies Neoprene Inversion - New in 2006, this jacket is the ultimate in comfort and style.  Available in purple and baby blue colour combinations, it includes a full zipper and two buckles to guarantee comfort and safety.

Universal Jackets - We carry a variety of colours of our universal jackets to allow you room to choose.  Affordably priced, these jackets are perfect to keep on board for extra passengers you may take out in your boat.

Ski Vests - We stock a selection of colours, sizes, and styles of ski vests.  All of these vests are designed to be comfortable and stylish.

Dog Vests - People aren't the only ones that need to be protected during emergencies on the water. We stock every size of dog vests to ensure that you and your best friend can both be safe this summer.