Safety & Mooring Equipment

Whether you're spending your summer fishing, skiing, cruising, or running around on a PWC, Buckeye Marine has all the necessary equipment to keep you safe and legal on the water.  For details on our PFDs, please see our Life Jacket & PFD section. 

Below are a few of our featured items, made to be safe and convenient.  If you don't find what you are looking for on this page, do not hesitate to come to our showroom and browse through our complete selection.

Dock Lines
We carry a variety of dock lines.  Most popular are our 3/8" x 15' nylon lines available in burgundy, white, teal, blue, and navy.  We also stock 5/8" x 20' lines in blue, hunter green, black, and white.  Find the docking line that is perfect for the size and colour of your boat here!

Our supply of Anchors are priced to sell.  We carry a variety of brands that include Sentinel, Greenfield Products, and Quickset Anchor Kits.

Fox 40 Boat Safety Kit
This kit crosses many safety items off your list in one shot.  It conveniently packs an SOS mirror, whistle, flashlight, and marine rope with float into a container that doubles as a bailer.  This Boat Safety Kit also allows you to keep this  equipment tidy and together.

Heavy Heaving Line
Neatly packed into a bag, this line is 5/6" x 50' and meets safety regulations for heaving lines which must be on all boats.

Paddles & Hook
Conveniently, this item supplies you with an emergency paddle and a hook for retrieving and docking.  It stores at 33" but expands to 48" when needed.  It also has a non-corrosive aluminum shaft to ensure a long life.

Bridgenorth Bailer
This item doubles as a manual hand-pump and a hook for retrieving and docking.  It has a 3 slot locking system that allows you change its length based on what you are using it for.  The manufacturer also claims that it shoots water out with such force that it can be used to wash your boat!

Polyform Fenders
We carry a variety of fenders to ensure that the size and colour needs of your boat are met.  Please come in and browse through our selection to make sure you get the right style and size for your boat.