Lock & Dock Training

At Buckeye, we recognize that the majority of Buckeye boaters spend a good part of their boating adventures on the Trent-Servern Waterway.  This poses some fears in the minds of boaters as they feel plagued by the idea of entering locks and channels in order to travel from one lake to the next.  We learned that many of our customers have resolved this problem by simply not entering the lock system.  Therefore, they are not traveling as much as they would like out of fear and lack of knowledge of the locking process.

We recognize that another bothersome issue for many boaters is their ability to dock their boat effortlessly.  Not only is docking an essential part of boating itself, but also an operation necessary to locking through with ease. 

With these troubling issues in mind, we created a lock and dock training course for customers.  During this course we look at the theory behind these operations in the classroom and then set out to the lake.  Behind the wheel, participants work one-on-one with an instructor in their own boat, traveling through the locks and brushing up on their docking skills.  This course lasts approximately 5 hours and includes locking fees, an instructional DVD, lunch, materials and instructor fees. Course cost is $60/hour.

To register for the course, please complete our events registration form.  For more information, please contact Carly at events@buckeyemarine.com.