Recycle & Compost

Ok, we get it. We have to recycle. BUT, what can be recycled changes from region to region. For example, the Kawartha Lakes does not have a green bin program, but it does have a more extensive recycling program than many cities in southern Ontario. Here's what you can recycle in the City of Kawartha Lakes:

Blue Box: glass bottles, metal cans, #1 & 2 plastic bottles and jugs, #4,5, and 6 plastics including tubs and lids, Styrofoam containers and trays, clean plastic wrap and plastic grocery bags, aluminum foil and foil trays, empty aerosol cans, empty paint cans, milk & juice cartons and drinking boxes.

Paper Box: frozen food boxes, milk cartons, paper ice cream cartons, toilet paper/paper towel rolls, paper coffee cups, greeting cards, gift wrap, and soft & hard cover books.

Composting: Although the City of Kawartha Lakes does not have a green bin program, you can reduce your garbage by creating your own compost. Composting will produce a valuable soil that can be used in your gardens at the cottage and even taken back to your city plants. And, it's easy! Simply buy a composting bin at the local hardware store and throw the following items in:
  • Leaves (chopped to speed up their breakdown)
  • Dry grass
  • Plants/Weeds (as long as they don't have seeds!)
  • Old potting soil
  • Soft plant stems
  • Fruit scraps
  • Vegetable trimmings
  • Crushed eggshells
  • Tea bags
  • Coffee grounds & filters
  • Shredded paper
  • Egg cartons
The ideal compost bin will have a mixture of brown and green and is aerated to ensure airflow. Don't worry about your bin over the winter either. Compost will continue even in the colder months, but it slows down significantly. In the spring give the compost a good mix and it will pick up speed again. Here's a list of things that can be placed in a green bin but cannot be composted in your yard:
  • Meat
  • Dairy products
  • Diapers and other sanitary products
  • Animal waste, bedding, & kitty litter

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