Kids Boating Books

Sometimes, as much as we'd like to be out in the boat, we just can't. Sometimes it's raining or we're not at the cottage and sometimes it's even winter.  We've made a list of our favourite boating books for those days that you'd like to be on the water but you can't.  Curl up with one of these on the next rainy summer day and escape into the world of water and imagination.

Ship Shapes - Stella Blackstone
Grandma & the Pirates - Phoebe Gilmans
Sail Away Little Boat - Janet Buell
Tom Swift & His Motor Boat -Victor Appleton
Boat Book - Gail Gibbons
Essential Boating for Teens -Scholastic
Boats, Boats, Boats -Scholastic
Kayaking, Canoeing, Rowing, and Yachting - Christin Ditchfield
Putter & Tabby Row the Boat - Cynthia Rylant
Traditional Boats from Around the World - A.G. Smith
Caught by the Sea - Gary Paulsen
From Glass to Boat - Cindy Purcell
The Secret of the Boat - Cheryl McKinley

Check your local library and online bookstores for these fabulous boating books!