Boater Information Section

Hey all you boaters out there! We at Buckeye think that boating is a great pastime to share with your friends and family.  We have, for this reason, compiled this portion of our site so that you can learn and share your boating knowledge. In this section you will find:

No one is expected to remember everything there is to know about boating so we compiled a list of the important stuff!
Ever wondered what that gadget is for ...or what that whosits was on the lake...or just a question that's on your mind and want to have some advice from a marine expert? This page is for you.  

Some great boating tidbits for you to share with your boating buds...and possibly create your own trivia game for summer nights on your boat.

A list of boating terms so you can sound like a nautical expert on your next adventure.

What better pastime when you can't be on the water than surfing the net wishing you were. We have compiled some sites that will be of interest. 

Books for Boaters
A list of books that help boaters including, books of where to go in the local area, how to dock, what you need on board and more.

Pleasure Craft Operators Card
Get information here on the ins and outs of the PCOC card. This includes, getting a replacement card, who needs a card and how to get your card.

Pleasure Craft Licence
Includes information on what a Pleasure Craft Licence is, how to obtain one and why it is essential to keep it on board your boat.

Marine Insurance Providers
This page will give you a list of credible marine insurance providers. We recommend that you insure about boat under its own policy rather than under your home insurance to ensure adequate coverage for boating specific activities.