F&I Products

With Buckeye's in-house Finance & Insurance office, we have the opportunity to offer you a wide range of products to help you protect your investment.

Credit Life Insurance
Given the fact that boating is such a family oriented pastime, we feel that one of the most valuable
insurance options for you to have as a buyer is Credit Life Insurance. Though many of our customers
are not sure of the benefit to them, we feel it is an important aspect to any large purchase. Put simply
credit life insurance is insurance to protect your loved ones from taking on your personal debt while
dealing with family loss. In the event that the loan holder were to lose his/her life during the term of
financing, the insured part of the loan would be paid off and the family would get uninterrupted
use/ownership of your investment.

Accident & Health Insurance
At Buckeye we feel that it wouldn't be right to sell you a boat without giving you options. We are proud to
offer you accident and health insurance. Many people ask "what is accident and health insurance?"
Briefly it is part of a financial management plan that is designed to pay obligations during a time of
accident or a period of poor health. We offer you insurance to protect your family and your credit
because we know that 38% of all bank repossessions are caused by injury or health related disabilities.
While most people have coverage through their employer, it is often insufficient to cover their
responsibilities. Another important point to note is that you don't have to pay tax on insurance money

Critical Illness Insurance

Many people have heard of critical illness insurance but are unaware of what it is.
Critical illness insurance works with life, accident and health insurance to provide
complete credit insurance. It is designed to provide the insured a lump sum benefit
if he/she is diagnosed with a covered illness and survives 30 days. With the debt
paid off, the insured can redirect the funds that would have been used for
payments to their recovery, lifestyle adaptation and/or a much needed

Extended Warranty
Extended warranty is another great way to help protect your investment. This becomes
apparent in the event that you have a breakdown in the third year of use. If you have not
purchased extended warranty, you will be responsible for covering the total cost of the repairs. However,
for much less money than a major repair, you can purchase extended warranty which covers your engine
after the manufacturer's warranty runs out. It is also important to note that extended warranty covers the
use of genuine parts and labour performed by factory trained technicians. Another upside is that your
extended warranty can be transferred, increasing the resale value of your craft.
There is a reason extended warranty is so popular with Canadian boaters. Extended warranty has
proven especially beneficial to us in the northern climate because on average it takes us twice as long to
incur equal use to that of southern boaters who use their boat year round. (Where it typically takes Florida
boaters two years to hit average use it takes Canadians four). Due to the fact that the majority of boat
sales occur in southern climates, manufacturers stick to a 2-3 year warranty time frame. When Canadian
boaters do the math, traditional warranties only protect them for half of their average use. Therefore,
you can put your mind at ease by purchasing extended warranty.

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