Meet the Yard & Detailing Crew

There is a lot to say for the guys and gals who spend all of their days outside come rain, shine, sleet and snow to ensure that boats are moved, cleaned and ready to go! These folks are the last to touch your boat before it is delivered back to you and they work hard to ensure that it meets and hopefully exceeds your needs. With the large volume of boats stored, serviced and sold at Buckeye throughout the year this team is dedicated to keeping things organized and work flowing in order to efficiently get all boats to their owners in a timely manner no matter what the weather!

Greg Pearson
Yard Foreman

The Storage Crew
This group of hard working students is teamed up with an apprenticing mechanic and together they spend spring months summerizing boats and spend the fall scrubbing hulls and maintaining batteries to ensure that when you get your boat back in the summer it is top notch.

The Front Lot Crew
This pair of students work after school and on weekends to ensure that the boats on display are in tip top shape!

The Detailing Crew
Cleaning boats for new buyers doesn't even start to explain the work that these hardworking individuals put in to ensure that your boat shines when it hits your dock.